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January 19, 2013


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 4:10 PM


Visions to behold # 4

The artists featured here have been listed in no particular order

Love you all :iconflyingheartsplz: :iconflyingheartsplz: :iconflyingheartsplz:

:iconnebelelfenaemy:Lost Soul by NebelelfeNaemySNOW ANGEL by NebelelfeNaemyRAGE by NebelelfeNaemy :iconj-u-d-a-s:Maiden Voyage by J-u-d-a-sInsidious by J-u-d-a-s.: P s y c h o s i S :. by J-u-d-a-s :iconchryssalis:WAS IT EVE AFTER ALL?... by chryssalisTHE PATH AHEAD... by chryssalisSLEEPING ? BEAUTY... by chryssalis :iconperoni68:caught in a dream by peroni68Arachnophobia therapy by peroni68The Bride by peroni68 :iconsweediesart:Silence by SweediesArtConnected by SweediesArtDangerous by SweediesArt :iconj3ff3rson:An Angel Dead Inside by j3ff3rsonLonely In My Dreams by j3ff3rsonSweetly Hard by j3ff3rson :iconbibiarts:Touch Of Color by BiBiARTsWinter Queen by BiBiARTsLost In Thought by BiBiARTs :iconzak05::thumb347013397::thumb343940611::thumb345344728: :iconideasplayer:Choices by IdeasplayerSet the night on fire by IdeasplayerFrozen Beauty by Ideasplayer :iconpnd21::thumb347422946::thumb314419093::thumb341000950: :iconvillenueve:Eternally Yours... by VillenueveLilith Rising... by VillenueveAs she slowly returns to life... by Villenueve :iconkleanthis:Apognosis by kleanthismeeting by kleanthismelody by kleanthis :iconhalcyonshores: :iconhermetic-wings:Letters to Loretta Written on Stones by Hermetic-WingsDon't hesitate by Hermetic-WingsA Monument for Lukianos by Hermetic-Wings :iconbeholdentolove:Daydreamer by BeholdentoloveSimply Beautiful by BeholdentoloveBACKACHE by Beholdentolove :iconcaddman:Dark Side Dream_05 by caddmanLucid Dream_05 by caddmanDark Side Dream_04 by caddman :iconmaiarcita:The Mansion Of Crows by maiarcitaThe Templete by maiarcitaThe Portal by maiarcita :iconprimalfuryan:PEGASUS LOVE by primalfuryanHE CAME. by primalfuryanLEGENDARY 7 HORSES by primalfuryan :iconbeyzayildirim77:forest girl by beyzayildirim77guardian by beyzayildirim77dryad by beyzayildirim77 :icons-blackart:The Last Vampire by S-BlackARTDo not look down, but always see the top of the Mo by S-BlackARTThe Last Samurai by S-BlackART :iconladyjudina:Talalkozo by ladyjudinaArcok by ladyjudinaKod-,-es-a-fak--8 by ladyjudina :iconcrumblingland:Nicia by CrumblingLandmoodlight by CrumblingLandAscension by CrumblingLand :iconcindysart:Welcome to my nest by CindysArtLonely in the moonlight by CindysArtDemon by CindysArt :iconlombregrise: Poeme du jour 15 / Daily poetry 15Au mieux de ses racines
Le pin s'incline
et rompt
nous mourons tous perclus de liens invisibles
quand le vent nous appelle
At most granted by its roots
leans the pine and
gives way
we all die crippled by invisible bonds
when the wind calls us

English version 2
Yielding to its finest roots
the pine bows
and breaks away
we all die crippled by invisible bonds
when summoned by the wind

Frantz, 15 janvier/january 15 - 2013.
English version 2 by Nikki
THE MYSTERIOUS CASTLE OF THE FORGOTTEN ISLAND by lombregrise amour d'hiver - winter love (greek and norwegian)Amour d'hiver
laisser des traces dans la brume
χειμωνιατικη αγαπη
μεσα στην ομιχλη αφησε τα ιχνη σου
Winter love
to leave a trace in the mist
Ś forlate et avtrykk i skodden
Frantz, november 2012
For Nikki
:iconcaryandfrankarts:Release by CaryAndFrankArtsOne day we'll Meet... by CaryAndFrankArtsPeace by CaryAndFrankArts :iconfrankandcarystock:Friendship by FrankAndCarySTOCKSpells of Nature by FrankAndCarySTOCKSound of Silence by FrankAndCarySTOCK :iconmonaparvin:Frozen by MonaParvinFallen by MonaParvinTake Me With You by MonaParvin :iconmegan7:Lily by megan7To the other side by megan7Into the light by megan7 :iconiam-sherlocked: :iconkatiousa15:Inner deformities by katiousa15Unidentified.... The file was closed.. by katiousa15i am deserted like you by katiousa15 :iconfrenchfox:Sighs of blood by frenchfoxCemetery of Dreams by frenchfoxMistress of the key by frenchfox :iconcanankk:Leda And The Swan by CanankkLibrary of Celsus by Canankk1935 by Canankk :iconelenadudina:Spirals by ElenaDudinaMasked by ElenaDudinaOn fire by ElenaDudina :iconisissousa2:A dream that never was by isissousa2I am Oblivion by isissousa2:thumb206648069: :iconastrangeallure:If I Lay Here by astrangeallureThere, Just Beyond by astrangeallureHiding Her True Nature by astrangeallure :iconscarlettletters: SirensThey run when they hear sirens -
it's all they know.
They hide under bridges
and fire escapes,
like their fathers
and their fathers' fathers.
They know the sight
and sound of thick
black boots in hallways
and the anger of an engine
unwinding in the streets.
They remember how unfriendly
four a.m. can be,
hunching behind fences
that wait with open jaws.
And they remember
how sour fear actually tastes
when it lingers
in the back
of the throat.
MorphHe pinned the butterfly
to the card,
the dry rot
of blue wings
so profound
and loud
in the warm room.
Under glass
it seemed a stranger,
not the imago
unfolding in the jar
that dreamed
of the wet season,
but a legless pupa
and forgettable.
SacramentLove's a mortal gift -
a blessing to the sane;
hating is a curse,
a sacrament of pain.
A blessing to the sane -
such a worthless trick;
immortalize disdain,
hands upon the sick  
Hating is a curse
and yet I wear it well;
coins inside my purse
will pave my way to hell.
A sacrament of pain -
thirst I cannot slake;
a kiss my lover feigns -
this illness that I take
:iconsilentfuneral:I Hear The Angels Crying by silentfuneralLost In Time by silentfuneralDistant Memories by silentfuneral :iconmi-eterna-primavera::thumb349292647:Tell me where I should be by mi-eterna-primavera
:iconsilvercurlyart:Lena-Dark by SilverCurlyARTAnother world by SilverCurlyARTFairies Night by SilverCurlyART :iconnewcastlemale:Northumberland Graveyard by newcastlemale:Bamburgh Castle mono by newcastlemaleBlossom Tree by newcastlemale
:iconlunebleu:Angels walk among us by LuneBleuLa danse macabre by LuneBleuFallen to a pale desire by LuneBleu :iconaeternum-art:Moonlight by Aeternum-ArtO p h e l i a by Aeternum-ArtBlack Angel by Aeternum-Art :iconowel:Un Angelo by owelCherries on the Top by owelDiamonds in the sky by owel :iconamanda-graham:Fly-by by Amanda-Graham1/52 Let go by Amanda-GrahamMarjorie by Amanda-Graham :iconameliethe:The darkness inside by AmelietheLost forever by AmelietheMarry the poisoned night by Ameliethe :iconchristabellelamort:My Ophelia by ChristabelleLAmortWake Of The Angel by ChristabelleLAmortStorm the Sorrow by ChristabelleLAmort :icondream-sweetdreams::thumb349002608::thumb346820686::thumb345625369: :iconmarazul45:La dama de la noche invernal. by Marazul45Si te llega mi canción by Marazul45El cuerpo by Marazul45 :iconolga-zervou:Someone Else's Dream by Olga-ZervouMorning Mist by Olga-ZervouOnly Love Can Do That by Olga-Zervou :iconecathe:Demon in my head by EcatheWhere is my heart by EcatheIam not a fairy by Ecathe :iconshiny-shadows-art:The last Unicorn by shiny-shadows-ArtMemento Mori by shiny-shadows-ArtForest Goddess by shiny-shadows-Art :iconbloomingrosexeniia:Sanctuary by BloomingRoseXeniiaHaunted Reflections by BloomingRoseXeniiaPrincess And The Swan by BloomingRoseXeniia :iconemanrabiah:Eyes Speech by emanrabiahWish me some luck by emanrabiahLost in the forest by emanrabiah :iconsaza11:Fire Guardian by saza11The root by saza11Freedome Fall by saza11 :iconblackheresy:006 Beltane by BlackHeresy005 Prisoner of Light by BlackHeresy004 Purple Ocean by BlackHeresy :iconjohngiannis27:dream fire by johngiannis27dynamic II by johngiannis27:thumb347731656: :iconestherpuche-art:Dance with me... by EstherPuche-ArtCatch Me... by EstherPuche-ArtAfter the Darkness... the Light always returns by EstherPuche-Art :iconkyghost:Portrait of the Damned_Dark Horse by KYghostPortrait 01 by KYghostPortrait 00 by KYghost :icondark-angel669:Luna II by Dark-Angel669Lady Raven III by Dark-Angel669The well by Dark-Angel669 :iconmagicblanche:Guardian of Death by MagicBlancheNightmare by MagicBlancheReflection from Past by MagicBlanche :iconliljan-laulu:Dimma by Liljan-LauluFollow the Crows by Liljan-LauluI Turned Around by Liljan-Laulu :iconmiss-deviante:Spellbound by Miss-deviantERolling in the deep by Miss-deviantEWide Awake by Miss-deviantE :iconkalosysart:Sweetheart by KalosysArtThe thief of souls by KalosysArtPrincess of shadows by KalosysArt :iconshinyheels:Alone in the cold by ShinyHeelsJanuary, sunset in Finland by ShinyHeels:thumb348968894: :iconlifeless-life::thumb343600778::thumb336670134::thumb335537579: :iconevelivesey:Dissolution 4 by EveLiveseyDissolution 3 by EveLiveseyDissolution 2 by EveLivesey :iconmecengineer:IMPOSSIBLE LOVE by mecengineerWIDE ANGLE AUTUMN by mecengineerROADSIDE FLOWERS by mecengineer :iconcrh:December tree by crhgolden by crhRuprechtskirche by crh :iconbohemiart:Midnight Travelers by BohemiartGrief by Bohemiartnevermore by Bohemiart :iconmoonchild-ljilja:Moon Sisters by moonchild-ljiljaForgotten Sisters by moonchild-ljiljaDusk and Thorn of Roses by moonchild-ljilja :iconsesam-is-open:A Ray Of Hope by sesam-is-openLight In The Dark by sesam-is-openSecret Counsel by sesam-is-open :iconblackpearls91:The Keeper by Blackpearls91Somewhere Far Away From You by Blackpearls91My Favorite Song by Blackpearls91 :iconmissgrib:Don't Cry... by MissGribSolitude by MissGribHelp... by MissGrib :iconwukashgrochocki:Pegasus by WukashGrochockiIn the Persian mode by WukashGrochockiKiram2 by WukashGrochocki :iconbernadettecross:God's Wonderful Creation by BernadetteCrossImpression of Hope by BernadetteCrossThe Scary Full Moon by BernadetteCross :iconmarjie79:Black Snow by Marjie79Red Riding Hood by Marjie79Marjie in Poser by Marjie79 :iconinkyrose:The Detective and the Jewel Thief by InkyRose'Never let me go' by InkyRose'My Dear Snow White' by InkyRose :iconsylpheah:Honesty by SylpheahDrown in purple by SylpheahSharon den Adel by Sylpheah :iconfabryking61:THE FLOWER OF THE MOON by FABRYKING61THE CHARM OF GOTH WOMAN by FABRYKING61GUARDIANS OF THE ANGEL OF EVIL by FABRYKING61 :iconstellartcorsica:Life by stellartcorsicaThe End by stellartcorsicaThe Lost Ones by stellartcorsica :iconseventhfairy:Red Riding Hood by SeventhFairyWolf and Ravens by SeventhFairyWarrior Princess by SeventhFairy :icondesignbykatt:Crossing Over by DesignbyKattBreaking Free by DesignbyKattExsanguinate by DesignbyKatt :iconhiaamir:Hunza Valley - Ata Baad Lake - Pakistan by hiaamirWaterfall by hiaamirMuree 8 by hiaamir :iconjocelyner:On A Rainy Day In Autumn by JocelyneRBeatitude by JocelyneRColorful Bush In The Meadow In Fall by JocelyneR :iconfedersstrich:Der Name der Rose by FedersStrichGoldauge by FedersStrichWeisse Nacht by FedersStrich :iconcrilleb50:Judgement Day by crilleb50P-x2 727 by crilleb50Human's Fate by crilleb50 :iconlucilaleyla:A Birthday Wish by LUCILALEYLAYou're One and Only by LUCILALEYLAI Wish You Love by LUCILALEYLA :iconlanaarts:Herzeleid by LanaArtsThank you, Pain by LanaArtsWilder Wein by LanaArts :iconklarakay:Love Takes Time... by KlaraKayLife is But a Dream... by KlaraKayDarkness Bride by KlaraKay :iconeisanka:I'm lonely by EisankaThe violin girl by EisankaA Violinist. by Eisanka :iconsurrealistic-gloom:Year 2012 is gone! Welcome year 2013! by surrealistic-gloomThe Path Of Life Is Sinuous. by surrealistic-gloomIncoming Storm In June by surrealistic-gloom :iconlorenzarts:Undivided Love.. by lorenzArtsDark Butterfly.. by lorenzArtsEscape.. by lorenzArts :iconjohanna16::thumb344110470::thumb343942602::thumb343173513: :iconjohnnie1988dum:Forgotten lives by johnnie1988dum''wine museum'' Starosel Bulgaria by johnnie1988dumSinger by johnnie1988dum

My latest works: Her lovely bones by Shades-Of-LetheAs the light fades... by Shades-Of-LetheSwing of memories by Shades-Of-LetheThe Raven's Nest by Shades-Of-Lethe

Stamp so kindly made for me by Aeternum-Art aka Consuelo Parra. Thank you dear Consuelo! :heart:

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MissGrib Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013   Digital Artist
Amazing selection my dear !!! Thank you so much for including my work :love:
(and so sorry for the late comment... I was not very present lately, and I have a lot to catch up :faint: :D )
CindysArt Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Wow! Amazing collection beautiful artwork!!! :wow:
Thank you sooooooooo much for including my work too. I am very happy! :glomp:
isissousa2 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Lovely and kind from you! am truly honored of being featured here! <3 :D Cheers, and I will catch up with you! :)
BloomingRoseXeniia Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much for the feature :blowkiss:
Scarlettletters Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Professional Writer
Thanks very much for featuring my art. I am honored to be included and appreciate it very much!
LuneBleu Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the feature! :heart:
Ecathe Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks so much dear for have included my works into this amazing
selection of dark works :hug:
JourneyTheVision Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013
You Have An Amazing Mind And Where It Takes You.....It Tkaes You To a Place where You Create Different And Capture An Emotion And your Pictures Speak FOr Themself Asz For They Also relate To People Or Even My Fav asz i Like To Say...."The Peace WIthin The Darkness" Thats How I Would discribe Your Pictures.....Much Respect

S-BlackART Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Great feature , Thanks honey :kiss: :heart:
sesam-is-open Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
So wonderful art and so many talented friends!:love:
Thank you very much for this beautiful feature in this special journal, dear Tania!:tighthug:
I'm honoured!:heart::iconwhiteroseplz:
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