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Submitted on
November 22, 2012


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 22, 2012, 5:17 PM


Visions to behold # 3

REINCARNATION by chryssalis NOONE WINS THIS GAME... by chryssalis .: Te m p t a t i o N :. by J-u-d-a-s Autumn by J-u-d-a-s old news by kleanthis Hydra by kleanthis Haunting
I am the last ghastly ghost,
glib tongued and glimmering,
in the space beneath the stairs.
My name glows upon your tongue,
gleeful and dreadful
in the dreary dregs of memory -
a keening cacophony
of deadly delights.
You called me here,
made me legion -the languid
languish of laughter,
your new language of the air
and all unearthly promises
pondering their place
in this shallow grave.
Bury me in beauty,
in the bounty of wanton
wonder and I will waste
eternity, a willing wraith to wait
upon your pleasure.
RedThere is nothing discreet about this love -
it hangs on my chest,
a defiant noise -
the scent of something luscious
and viscous
stretched between your hips.
Your back arches
in a way only Psyche can feel.
You wear it
in a cheap red dress
that comes apart like midsummer
in my hands
as we flaunt the stars,
the stones under our skin
stretching the bed frame
till we crack.
And I fill you up,
your arms a battle
raging in the waning lies
of morning.
Raven nest by CindysArt You, me and the moon by CindysArt The Nightmare by SweediesArt Death by SweediesArt Abyss by BiBiARTs Escape by BiBiARTs :thumb331851464: :thumb315452210: Stolen Spirit by emanrabiah Still a live by emanrabiah The Guardian II by MirellaSantana The Inner Silence by MirellaSantana Fighter by Ideasplayer Hurt by Ideasplayer Moon daughters by ElenaDudina Tres en la noche by ElenaDudina Misty by Canankk A Clockwork Orange by Canankk Divinity by silentfuneral Luna Melodies by silentfuneral In My Dreams by AloneintheDark68 Broken by AloneintheDark68 Blossom Blue by S-BlackART ALL MY FAITH LOST by S-BlackART Ritual of Death by Aeternum-Art Love me to the end by Aeternum-Art When I am oldWhen I am old and grey one day
they'll ask me why I lived this way;
Why all my life was spent alone,
no other let into my home.
They'll ask why, for so many years,
I let no other get so near;
Why no companion held me close,
and why a lonely path I chose.
They'll want to know so many things
about the life to which I cling –
like why I never sought the balm
of womanhood held in my arms:
they'll question what it was that made
me far from all temptations stray.
For they don't see I found in you
the only heart I would pursue,
and all the others can't compare
when held against a one so fair.
For, through the years, I shall stay true
to all that holds me so ensnared,
And, when I'm old and grey, my friend,
I'll think of you until the end.
I must have done some awful wrongI must have done some awful wrong,
such as can't be voiced in song,
to be cast out in favour of
another life, that knows no love.
I must have done some awful thing,
the like of which the Devil sings,
to be abandoned in this way
and left to wrack & disarray.
I must be made of deepest sin,
the very worst that ever was,
for pious men cannot begin
to fathom my desertion's cause.
I must have done some awful deed
for her to turn so far from me.
Ebbing Waves by Lemmy-X Broken Disguise by Lemmy-X fire pegasus by johngiannis27 passion for music by johngiannis27 A headdress from Darkness by isissousa2 Among wolves by isissousa2 Horizon gaurdian by saza11 Time Frame by saza11 Transformation by maiarcita In The Corner by maiarcita Roar time! by ZoranPhoto ULTRA FLUFFY by ZoranPhoto Is anybody out there? by katiousa15 Falling apart.... by katiousa15 LkUeKvEn by WukashGrochocki Pukep: Cavern by WukashGrochocki Villenueve's 2012 ID by Villenueve Immortal Prince... by Villenueve A dream within a nightmare by LuneBleu Exile to a silent dance by LuneBleu Stolen Beauty by owel Hold Your Breath by owel Movie Dream_01 by caddman Lucid Dream_04 by caddman :thumb296607406: :thumb339107275: lost fields by peroni68 music is light by peroni68 In and Out by Olga-Zervou Return by Olga-Zervou Major Arcana Card IX (The Hermit) by KYghost Major Arcana Card XII (The Hanged Man) by KYghost One Winters Night by CrumblingLand Orb Of Night by CrumblingLand Adam's First Sight by Hermetic-Wings ...To my own self by Hermetic-Wings :thumb336234722: :thumb334820941: :thumb334054981: :thumb335684431: The Guardian by FrankAndCarySTOCK Love will keep us Together by FrankAndCarySTOCK Northumberland Tree 2 by newcastlemale Northumberland Tree by newcastlemale Learn To Die by j3ff3rson The Messenger by j3ff3rson Birds In The Distance by Heidi-V-Art Reflections by Heidi-V-Art Sweet Sacrifice by Ariel87 The Magic Rebirth by Ariel87 :thumb339081693: :thumb328844988: Undead zone by DarkAsterial-Vision The Mask by KARRR De Ja Vue by Aseamlessbonds :thumb336345731: The dark by Heliakin The Secret Path... by the-night-bird Amaranth by Liljan-Laulu A Song for the Dead by Liljan-Laulu not falling by dihaze Close-up .. apologize to my honeymoon by Marazul45 Deserted 2 - Series by EveLivesey .won't turn back. by naikki

Stamp so kindly made for me by Aeternum-Art aka Consuelo Parra. Thank you dear Consuelo! :heart:

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chryssalis Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012
Oh my god!I'm so sorry i have missed this!!
I'm so honored by your amazing feature,my dearesrt Tania!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,for everything!!:bow::tighthug::love:
isissousa2 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome features and I am super happy in being here too! ^.^ <3
MirellaSantana Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
thank you for the feature! :hug:
Scarlettletters Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Professional Writer
Thanks very much for featuring my art. I am honored to be included and appreciate it very much!
Marazul45 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many, thank you very much for including my work in this beautiful feature! is an honor!:iconedgeybowplz:
Olga-Zervou Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
:heart: :heart:
CrumblingLand Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
thanks so much for adding some of my work to this awesome collection :)
Dream-SweetDreams Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012   Digital Artist
Many thanks sweetheart :love:
Shades-Of-Lethe Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:tighthug: :heart:
Zak05 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderful feature !:heart: thank you so much for including my work my dear :blowkiss:
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